Take Off Movie Review


Take Off, the recently released Malayalam movie was released in Singapore last weekend and I went to watch it on Sunday. The movie was well received back in Kerala and so I was eagerly waiting for the release here in Singapore.

Take Off is based on the real life incident of how 19 nurses from Kerala got trapped in Iraq and how they were rescued from there. The movie have done good justice to the actual happenings and it a well made one.

Take Off is essentially a Parvathy Movie. She has put in her heart and soul into the movie. Parvathy is well supported by Kunchacko Boban, Fahadh Faasil, Asif Ali and others. The characters have been played really well through them. The supporting cast also have done well in their roles.

For me, majority of the first half  of Take Off was a bit slow and was not upto the mark. But after the interval, the movie gathered pace and momentum and was a nice experience to watch from there on. It made me light hearted at some parts as well.

The direction of Take Off was top notch. It is something which we have not witnessed so often in Malayalam movies. As they say, it should be the blessings of the late Rajesh Pillai from the heavens, which everyone associated with the movie can feel proud of and is a good tribute to the genius. The camera, music, BGM, etc all were apt and blended well with the overall pace of the movie.

All in all, Take Off is a well crafted movie, which really made us understand the ordeal which those 19 nurses have gone through and how we can collectively come out of any trouble. Its really heart breaking to see how things have turned out in Iraq. Hope all this will come to an end soon and the world will be an happy place again.

Go grab your tickets for Take Off, if you have not yet watched it. It is an experience, which you should watch and feel in theater itself. Thanks team Take Off and also to Carnival Cinemas, for bringing this movie to Singapore.


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