Burger King – Chicken Fries Review

Burger King Chicken fries was an item in the Burger King menu, which makes its appearance every now and then. Last time I missed it and so this time I decided to try it to see what it is all about. Actually I also want to see if this can be made to replace the unhealthy French Fries for my kids.


Chicken Fries comes in a box that looks cute and have a chicken face, with lots of interesting artworks and hash-tags. It is quite a unique idea and I liked it a lot, as you say “First Impression is the Best Impression”. Each strip of Chicken Fries is sufficiently big enough and the whole box is a decent enough package to have a quick relief for your hunger.


Chicken Fries is essentially breaded chicken meat strips, seasoned with some spices and herbs. It can be said as Chicken Nuggets made in the shape of French Fries. But Chicken Fries tastes much better than the Nuggets, mainly due to the spices and herbs that it contains. You will get BBQ sauce along with it and it serves as a good dip, even though Chicken Fries in itself have enough flavor to enjoy on its own.


Priced at $2.50 for a box with 9 pieces of Chicken Fries alone, this quick and convenient snack is sure to be enjoyed by all. I think Burger King should make this a permanent item in their menu. I hope my kids will also enjoy this and stop the French Fries.



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