Get more followers using Twitter Ads

Twitter has become one of the most used social media platform around the world. Following the footsteps of Facebook and others, Twitter also have started its own advertising platform, which mainly helps to promote your brand, promote your video and to drive conversions. Same like Facebook ads, twitter also allows us to set our own budgets.

This post focuses on creating a twitter ad to get more followers. Followers are the heart of any twitter handle. The more the followers you have, the more your tweets will be reached. So this option is a good option for anyone who is having difficulty in getting followers.

Here are the steps for creating an ad campaign in Twitter.

  1. Go to and click get started.
  2. Login to you twitter account2-followers-selection
  3. Select Followers Under Promote your brand and Click on Create Campaign3-create-campaign


Now we will set up the campaign. Give a Name for the Campaign


  • You can select start and end dates or you run the ad continuously. Check the additional options and select if needed. I am selecting the start and end dates.
  • Next step is to select your audience. Location is required to be entered here. Select the locations you want to target and select Gender you want to focus on. Additional options are there. Select the ones you think is appropriate for your campaign and go to next step. I have not selected any further options as I want to target maximum people.5-campaign-creation-2
  • Next step is to set your budget. Choose a budget that you feel comfortable with. Daily maximum is required. Total budget is optional. If you click advanced options, you will get an additional option to Select Target bid as well. I have kept Automatic bid option.6-campaign-creation-3
  • Next step is to Choose your creative’s. You can choose an existing one or create a new one. If you are creating a new one, give a good headline and include a reason why someone should follow you. It is advisable not to include any images and just focus on text only, as it will divert attention from the people.7-campaign-creation-4
  • Next you will have to enter your Credit Card details and Click Proceed to Confirmation.8-campaign-creation-payment-details
  • A confirmation screen will come and Select Save Credit Card Details

Thats all. Your campaign in live now. You can check your campaign progress or create new campaigns as you wish. I have done a test campaign and got 65 followers for 10SGD. Not a bad deal after all.


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