IVY Smart Jewelry – Women’s best Safety Tool


Smart Jewelry and Wearables has been the buzzword that has been gaining popularity in recent months. I feel the main reason for this buzz was the purpose that these devices is been used for and the multitude of ways in which they can be related to everyday life and situations.

I had my first taste of this Smart Jewelry when I was associated with a new startup called Smartfuture, who have come up this Smart Jewelry for Women’s Safety called IVY. IVY allows you to stay safe and allows you to get in touch with your loved ones in case of an emergency. It syncs via Bluetooth to the IVY App in your phone and sends out alerts.


The IVY package consists of IVY Device attached to a Necklace fitting, Necklace Chain, Bracelet fitting, Leather Bracelet, a tool to open IVY and 2 Button cell Batteries, which are nicely arranged and presented. IVY can be worn as a necklace or as a bracelet, depending on your style.


Now let’s see how IVY Smart Jewelry works.

  1. As mentioned earlier, first we have to download the app from Playstore or Appstore, depending on your phone.
  2. Create an account in IVY app and login in to the app.
  3. Add your Guardians. These are people who will be contacted automatically by IVY, when you are in trouble or is in an emergency situation.
  4. Keep logged in to IVY and let the app run in the background. (Don’t worry, it won’t eat much of your battery).
  5. In case of an emergency, just tap your IVY Device
  • Tap Two Times and your phone will emit a loud alarm to scare away attackers.
  • Tap Three Times and your phone will send your location information and audio recording, to your selected guardians who can be your family members, friends or guardians from the IVY community.
  • Tap Four Times and your phone will call your selected guardian.

That’s it. Simply cool and innovative, right.

IVY requires no charging. Replaceable button cell batteries (CR2032) are used and it can be easily replaced. IVY is water-resistant and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.ivy_smart-jewelryI am not writing this Blog post since I am associated with the device in some way. But, the overall idea of IVY was very much innovative and a much needed one in today’s society, where lots of crimes are happening against women. IVY can be used to protect women in case of an emergency and allows them to move around safely and freely Anywhere, Anytime…
ivy_smart-jewelry1IVY is mainly focused on women. IVY is the perfect gift for your wife, your mother, girlfriend, sister, aunt or a friend. She will definitely cherish this gift forever.

You can get more details of IVY at getmyivy.com. Those in India who are interested to buy IVY, can visit Amazon.in

Image credits : getmyivy.com 

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