Adventure Cove – Worth an Experience


Adventure Cove is a Waterpark in the Sentosa Islands. As it is School Holidays here in Singapore, kids have been asking for long to take them for an outing and we decided to take them to Adventure Cove, as both love to play in the waters. As I didn’t had any water proof cameras, I don’t have enough photos to show of the visit.


We took the tickets through Travelease app and trust me, they are selling it at a good bargain. We started early, as I had read that there will be huge queues during weekends and since its school holidays, I didn’t want to take a risk. Adventure Cove opens at 10 am and we reached there around 10.30 am. We proceeded straight to the entrance and showed our booking in the app. But I think the guy at the entrance didn’t like my phone or my booking, that he told me in a rude way that he cannot accept the booking in the phone and he needed a printout. ( These days people are going green and everything is going digital. I don’t know in which age this guy is in or is it some policy of Adventure Cove). Anyways, I had taken the printouts and after seeing that he allowed us in, after checking the bags.. HUH….


After taking a few snaps at the entrance of Adventure Cove, we proceeded to the changing rooms. It is located next to the entrance and there are lockers available for rental, where we can keep our things. The small locker costs 10$ and large one 20$. Small one is more than enough, unless you have big luggage to keep. Alternatively, you can deposit your belongings at the lockers in Bluwater Bay which is closer to many of the attractions. The good thing about these lockers is that they are for a day and you can open and close in between.


After getting changed and keeping our bags in the locker, we proceed to the Adventure River. This the starting point of Adventure Cove and you can go a full round of the Adventure Cove through this river. You can ride on the floats that will be found all along the river or can just walk in the water. There are many exits on the way, especially near the rides. There are many lifeguards present every few meters all along the way as well. For kids, its advisable to wear life jackets, which is available freely all along the Adventure Cove.


On our way in Adventure River, we stopped at the Bluwater Bay exit. This can be said as the heart of Adventure Cove, where you can connect to all the different rides and attractions at Adventure Cove easily. As my kids have not reached the minimum height needed for most of the rides, we couldn’t try any of the rides, which are the main attractions of Adventure Cove and the queues were pretty long even at the start of the day.


We proceeded to the Wave Pool at the Bluwater Bay. I should say, it is really an experience. My kids also loved the waves and there were many people to enjoy the strong waves. Waves will be coming at approximately every 10 mins  and will last for around 3 – 4 mins and it is really a fun experience. You need to experience it and I cannot explain it in words here. The waves can get strong at times and its advisable for kids to be supervised and to have life jackets. We loved our time there and then proceeded to the Big Bucket Treehouse, which is specifically for kids.


At the Big Bucket Treehouse, kids can enjoy 2 small rides and they even allow grown ups in these rides also. I also took my turn and felt it is not for adults… Like the normal water play areas found in the malls, there is a big bucket that splashes water every now and then and kids will enjoy the fun. So this is one area in Adventure Cove that is recommended for families with small kids.


There is another smaller wading pool called Seahorse Hideway nearby, where small kids can enjoy playing in the water. Its a small pool, specifically for little kids. We spend some time here also and then went for one more turn at the wave pool.


Then there is the Rainbow Reef, which is one of the highlights of Adventure Cove. Here you can try your hands at Snorkeling for free. You should expect long queue here. Seeing the fishes from outside is a beautiful sight in itself and I wanted to try my hands at Finding Nemo. I waited for nearly 20 mins in the queue for my turn and took my equipment’s and life jacket, listened to the instructions and entered the reef. However, I had difficulty breathing through the masks and I didn’t do the wading properly also. Moreover, they didn’t allow my glasses and I almost got drowned. The lifeguard threw his protective gear and brought me back to safety. So I gave up this attraction and slowly came out. Hopefully next time, I can do it…


Next to the Rainbow Reef is the Splashworks, which is basically for those thrill seekers and those who are good at swimming. So we skipped it and went back to the Adventure River and took the remainder of the round and went back to the starting point. On the way, we saw the Dolphin Island also. But since it needed additional tickets to enter, we didn’t went there


There are small quick bite points every now and then to have food and there is a restaurant also. Since it was not that cheap, we didn’t try them. So we changed our clothes and exited Adventure cove. By then it was very cloudy and when we reached McDonald’s, it started raining heavily. Lucky that we decided to go early.


Adventure Cove is a fun place to visit, even with kids and they are sure to enjoy the waves and other attractions. For thrill seekers, it is a perfect place to go and have the fun at the different rides. Try to visit on non peak days; else the queue is too long for the rides. I will recommend to visit Adventure Cover for anyone in Singapore.

Overall, we had a nice experience at Adventure Cover and we had a nice weekend outing. A special thanks to Travelease for the ticket offer, which helped us to reduce our overall expense for the outing also.


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