Pulimurugan Review – An honest opinion


Pulimurugan, the movie that created history in Malayalam movie industry got released in Singapore and this weekend I got a chance to see it finally. I was really happy to see a movie finally enter this so called 100 crore club from Mollywood and was waiting for my chance to see it. So here is my personal opinion of Pulimurugan. It is my personal opinion only and others might have different views.

First of all, a big hats off to Lalettan for pulling off such a big and wholehearted performance in Pulimurugan. I will say it’s one of his best performance that defies his age and he has enacted the role really well and to perfection. He has made me to fall in love with his acting once again. He has made all the actors understand what is dedication with his performance in Pulimurugan. Hats off to you Laletta. It was simply superb.

Another person who is worth mentioning is Peter Hein. He has made a grant debut to Mollywood with Pulimurugan. Without his efforts, Pulimurugan would have been just another mass movie. The action in Pulimurugan takes it to the next level, which is not seen in Malayalam movies and I feel is one of the biggest contributing factor for Pulimurugan to enjoy this much success and appreciation and to reach the so called 100Cr club.

Background score by Gopi Sundar is another thing that is worth mentioning in Pulimurugan, which has taken the movie to another level. The “Muruga Muruga” BGM is worth mentioning and adds to the mood well. Other points worth appreciation is the camera and of course direction. Vysakh have done a good job with such a story.

To sum up, Pulimurugan is just another mass movie. But the humble and wholehearted performance of Lalettan together with the brilliance of Peter Hein, have made Pulimurugan a whole new experience, which helped it to make a huge commercial success and an entertaining movie.

If you take it out of the equation, Pulimurugan is just a yesteryear mass movie like the ones in Tamil and Telugu, with lots of double meanings in dialogues and masala factor, which I felt is not at all necessary and take the movie down at places, especially when you are watching with kids. Few actors like Vinu Mohan, Makarand Deshpande, Namitha, etc were total waste in the movie, in my opinion.

All in all, Pulimurugan was a different viewing experience and kudos to the entire cast and crew behind this one.


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