Creating an AWS Account


These days all are moving to cloud, and Amazon also is into this area and AWS is one of the best available now a days. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive, evolving cloud computing platform provided by Launched in 2006, AWS have become a leading player in the cloud world. Now AWS is geographically diversified and spread into different regions, in order to minimize the impact of outages and to ensure that the system is more robust and versatile.

I was Googling around to find a tutorial on how to create an AWS account; the first stage in setting up an AWS for you. But unfortunately, I was not able to find a proper tutorial on this. So I thought of creating one which can he helpful for someone, even though its a straight forward one.

So here are the steps to create an AWS account.

Step 1 : Go to

Step 2 : Click on Create an AWS Account on the top Right side.

Step 3 : Login if you an existing amazon user or create a new account, if you are new to Amazon.login

Step 4 : Enter Contact Information. Select Company or Personal Account and give the details.
Agree to the terms and Click on Securely Submit.create-account

Step 5 : Enter Payment Information. Here Enter your Credit Card Details and click Continue. The monthly deductions will be from this card.payment-information

Step 6 : Next is Identify Verification. Provide a telephone number, which you have access to. You will get a call from AWS to that number and when prompted, enter the 4-digit PIN displayed on the screen.
After verification is complete and successful, click on Continue to Select your Support Plan.identity-verification

Step 7 : Under Support Plan, there are 4 options. Choose Basic Option, unless you specifically need anything else. Click

Step 8 : Signup complete. Login to console to complete signup and enjoy AWS.confirmation

That is it. Your AWS account is ready and you can start using it.

There is currently a 12 months of basic free tier usage offer going on and its a good opportunity to try AWS, for anyone who wants to move their data over to cloud or to have a secure offsite backup or to host website, etc. Pricing also is very competitive now.
Image Credits : AWS and Wikipedia


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