McDonald’s Veggie Crunch Burger Review


McDonald’s Veggie Crunch Burger is a good news for Vegetarians in Singapore. Last month I was taking a break from non vegetarian foods and was on a Vegetarian diet. Since I frequented McDonald’s a lot, I have always wondered what will Vegetarians eat at McDonald’s. As if though they have heard me, McDonald’s launched the Veggie Crunch Burger in their outlets in Singapore. I tried the Veggie Crunch Burger over the weekend and I am very much impressed with it and happy to find that McDonalds have become vegetarian friendly in Singapore.

As we can make it out from the name itself, the Veggie Crunch Burger is made up of Vegetables itself. Veggie Crunch Burger consists of a delicious patty that is made of green peas, carrots, cooked rice, potato and red bell peppers, topped with crisp cucumber slices and shredded lettuce. Plus a tinge of Sweet Chilli and McChicken Sauce, for that extra oomph


The ingredients are all mixed well in the Veggie Crunch Burger and deep fried to make the patty and believe me, its really crispy and tastes well. The cucumber slices and shredded lettuce, blends well with the patty and as always, its embedded in the usual burger bun of McDonalds.

The Veggie Crunch Burger Meal is decently priced at SGD 5 and comes with Coke and Small fries. Actually, the fries tasted well with the other veggies this time.

The Veggie Crunch Burger is undoubtedly a good addition to the McDonalds menu, which didn’t had any non meat burger and will definitely improve the customer base of McDonalds in Singapore. They have said that the Veggie Crunch Burger will be a permanent member in the McDonalds Singapore menu and hope they will come up with mode additions for the Vegetarians.

All in all a good and decently priced vegetarian burger to have, even though the sweet chili sauce contains garlic and egg is used in the McChicken sauce ( to give an arguement that its not pure Vegan )… I will Strongly recommend this Veggie Crunch Burger to anyone visiting McDonalds Singapore


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