Nandos Revisited – I am loving it


Few months ago, I visited the Nandos Peri Peri outlet at Changi Airport and I instantly became a big fan of it and was eager to try it again. It happened this weekend on my visit to Star Vista at Buona Vista, which had a Nandos outlet at basement ( #B1-09).


This time, I decided to try the Burger from Nandos, as last time I had already tried the chicken. I ordered the Chicken Breast Burger with Peri Chips as side. I also ordered Grapefruit Passion juice. My wife was in company and she ordered the Grilled Chicken Tenders and Orange Juice. This time I ordered spice level as Hot as last time it was Mild only.


The juices came first. Orange juice was average only and it tasted like the powered drink Tang. Grapefruit  Passion juice was different and was tasty..


The Chicken Breast Burger was sufficiently big enough to satisfy a big hunger. It will not be easy to eat it with your hands alone and a knife and fork is a must. It was Served on a toasted Burger Bun ( they call it Portuguese roll ) with lots of fresh rocket leafs, tomato, red onions and mayonnaise. The Chicken breast was really big enough and the hotness was easy to handle as well. The Peri Chips that came as side was really spicy and went along well with the burger.


I was almost full with the burger alone. But for tasting purpose, I tried the Grilled Chicken Tenders also. It was nicely Grilled and had the perfect taste. It consisted of  5 pieces of Juicy and tender strips of chicken. Even though it looked less, it was sufficient enough and was tasty as well. The Garlic bread was a perfect side for the Tenders and both gave a nice combination.


This time we tried the Mild Peri-Peri and Wild Herb Peri-Peri sauces and both had that unique taste that added the extra bit of taste to the food at Nandos. The ambiance at the Star Vista Outlet is really commendable  and the staff was friendly as well.


Overall, I was really satisfied with the second visit to Nandos and I am slowly but surely becoming a fan of Nandos Peri Peri. Nandos undoubtedly serves one of the best chicken food available in Singapore. So check out Nandos the next time you are having a dine out. You will surely love the great taste and some superb food of Nandos


Nandos have launched an app now in Singapore and every time we order food for more than S$20, we get one chilli as point, which can be redeemed for free chicken pieces upon reaching the set limit. ( More details at



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