Super Red Burger – Nice and a must try burger


Super Red Burger is the latest offering from McDonald’s Singapore. The Super Red Burger has been launched in connection with the Latest Angry Birds Movie. I happened to try the Super Red Burger over the weekend. The Burger, with drinks and fries costed me 7.95 SGD


According to McDonald’s, ” Super Red Burger comes with Smoky chicken patty topped with a tender egg, crunchy lettuce, a slice of tomato, and fiery pepper mayo. All perfectly sandwiched in a signature red bun.”


What was eye catchy in the Super Red Burger is the colour of the Bun itself. (I wonder how they made it red… Hope no artificial coloring.. Hmm… ) It is quite a unique one and is one of a kind. The bun was colored appropriately to match the Angry Birds Theme. The Super Red Burger is presented in a red box with the Angry Birds picture and explanation on what actually is Super Red Burger.


After opening the box, you will see the top of the red colour bun, which immediately caught my attention. The overall presentation was good and neatly done. Opening up the bun, you can see all the ingredients mentioned above, nicely placed one over the other. The chicken patty was decently big enough and I couldn’t resist myself to have a bite.


On the first bite itself, I became a fan of the Super Red Burger. All the ingredients were perfectly balanced and complimented each other well in the Super Red Burger. The chicken patty was nicely and evenly cooked and was crispy as well. The egg inside was just perfect to add that extra bit to the Super Red Burger. According to me, the combination of chicken patty and egg is the standout part in this Super Red Burger.


For some people, the Super Red Burger might turn out to be a bit spicy. But in my opinion, it was just nice to add to the overall theme of the burger. Without the spiciness, it cannot be fully connected with the whole idea. I ordered Sprite and normal fries and it turned out to be the right accessory for this Super Red Burger.


All in all, this Super Red Burger is one of the excellent offerings from McDonald’s Singapore lately and its definitely worth a try. Don’t let the colour of bun influence your decision too much. I will recommend Super Red Burger to anyone and hope McDonald’s will come up new innovations like this


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Disclaimer :There is a Allergen information in McDonald’s website, which says : Super Red Burger contains egg, milk, soybean, wheat and gluten.

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