Singapore to JB in SMRT Bus 950


This is a small guide on the journey to Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia from Singapore, in SMRT Bus number 950.

First of all, a big sorry for not having any pictures, as photography was prohibited in most parts of this journey and so I didn’t dare to take any pictures.

Johor Bahru is a border Malaysian state to Singapore and is easily accessible by rail and bus and is one of the popular weekend destination for majority of people in Singapore.  Here, I am focusing on the journey from Woodlands to JB in Bus number 950.

Bus number 950 starts from Woodlands temporary interchange. The boarding point is at one end of the interchange and buses are available every 15 minutes on an average. I tell you, it is always crowded. So please give enough buffer time for your journey, in case you are on an emergency.

Below is the step by step process for this journey

  • Board 950 from Woodlands interchange (Currently it is from Temporary Interchange)
  • The bus will take you to Woodlands checkpoint.
  • Tap your card on exit. It will show “journey suspended”
  • Exit and take escalator up.
  • This will lead you to Singapore customs.
  • Get your exit stamped here and follow the crowd.
  • Go down in the escalator or take stairs and wait for 950, towards the left side of escalator. ( I am told that you can take any bus here. But I am not sure on this)
  • Board 950, when it comes. This will take you to JB Sentral. ( Depending on your day and time of journey, this journey can take some time)
  • Tap and exit bus number 950.
  • Take escalator up and wait in the queue for Malaysia customs.
  • It will be a long queue. So be prepared for a long wait. ( It is advised to queue up in the inside counters, which is must faster than outside ones)
  • Get your entry stamped and exit JB sentral and enjoy Johor Bahru.

Note:- We really had a nice time  at JB and  according to me JB is a must visit for anyone in Singapore and things are much cheaper here. I am planning to go frequently and enjoy some good food and lots of shopping…😉


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