FAN Movie Review – Never Break a Fan’s heart

FAN, the latest release of Shah Rukh Khan got released last week and I watched it over
the weekend. After the flop Dilwale, Shah Rukh Khan needed to come back with a bang and FAN will help him a lot in that. FAN is not a mass movie and don’t go with that expectation to watch it. FAN is by far a better performance from Shah Rukh Khan after a long time.

FAN, is the story of a Hindi Superstar Aryan and his die-hard fan Gaurav. Gaurav decides to go to Mumbai to meet his star on his birthday. But things didn’t go according to Gaurav’s plan and his love and passion for his idol turns into deep anger for Aryan and he turns out to be his worst enemy. What happens next is what is FAN all about.

Shah Rukh Khan plays double role, as Both Aryan, the superstar and Gaurav, the die-hard fan. There is no importance for other characters, expect may be for Gaurav’s parents, played by Yogendra Tiku and Deepika Amin. Others are all newcomers and are just ok only. Acting wise, Shah Rukh Khan is superb, especially in the Gaurav avatar. FAN is Shah Rukh Khan show all the while. After a long time, Shah Rukh Khan really acted to perfection and it was good to watch his performance.

Surprisingly there are no songs at all in FAN. Normally it’s not the case with Shah Rukh Khan movies. I feel it was a good movie so that the unwanted distractions are avoided. The effort Shah Rukh Khan took to change to the younger looking Gaurav is commendable indeed.

Fan is indeed a great comeback from Shah Rukh Khan after the recent flops like Dilwale and is sure to keep a long-lasting impression in the viewers mind. The first half was really interesting. Second half got a bit lagging and hard to believe in some places, but the climax will keep in long-lasting impression in everyone’s mind.

There will be many fans like Gaurav in this world and FAN is a nice message to both the stars and their fans . Both needs each other, a fact which should not be ignored. At the same time, it should not cross the limit as well. Overall, FAN is worth a watch. Go for it without second thoughts…


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