Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – User Review

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 4

Samsung Galaxy S7 was one phone, which I was looking forward to, ever since it was announced. When my dearest LG G3 started showing signs of age, luckily S7 was launched and Starhub offered me 100$ off for re-contract and I took the opportunity to get myself the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I opted for the Gold Titanium model

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 3

One word to describe the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will be “masterpiece”. It is such a beauty that you will want to spend some time looking and admiring its beauty once you open the box. The curves have been dressed up well and the design is really good now. It is indeed gorgeous..

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 2

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge model that I got is the 32GB version. More than 7GB were reserved for system use. Samsung is giving 100GB of Onedrive space free with S7 Edge. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes with a slot for a microSD and nano SIM and it supports microSD upto 200GB, which was not the case with S6 models and this addition have been well received . In case you are not using the MicroSD, you can have another sim and use it as a Dual Sim phone also. The box was easy to open and nicely built.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 11_1

The Display size of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is 5.5 inches, which is slightly smaller than the S6 Edge + model, but longer than S6 Edge model. The viewing experience is really awesome. The Edge screen options really stands out and we can have lots of options there now, which you can use to access your frequently used apps. Just Swipe away from the Edge screen and access them

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 8_1

An admirable feature of S7 edge is the Camera. The rear have a 12MP camera and the front camera is 5MP. The pictures taken are clear and crisp. Low light images also looked great in S7 Edge. The S7 Edge camera is perfect for selfie lovers. There are different modes and features in the standard app itself. The video performance also is pretty solid.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Camera

The OS in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is Android 6.0.1 ( Marshmallow ). It has got 4GB RAM and comes with Octa-Core Exynos Processor, which is ensuring that everything is smooth and runs well. Weight as per Samsung is 157g. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is very comfortable to hold and looks very premium. The User Interface remains same and some software additions are there like the Always On Display.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 1

An advertised feature for the S7 Edge is that its Water and dust Resistant, which allows users to submerge them in 1.5 meters under water for up to 30 minutes. If you go to Samsung shops, you can see the phone immersed in water also. I wish to believe that and don’t want to try it out though…

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 7

The phone is incredibly fast. The charging also is really fast. From full discharge to 100% charging, it took less 2 hours for me. The battery life currently stands at 1.5 days with medium to heavy usage. The battery is bigger and better now.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 10

A drawback I feel for the S7 Edge model is the lack of removable battery, as with the S6 model. Its pricey also. But as we say, we need to pay a premium to enjoy these remarkable features correct. Finger print marks are easily visible and might need a wipe every now and then. One need to hold this beauty with care. It might be good to have a fully covered screen protector, for an added safety.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 5

To round up, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the best phone that you can have at the moment. If your phone contract is due for renewal ( like mine), dont think twice, just go for it. You wont regret. There is nothing much wrong you can find in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge model. I am really happy to be back to Samsung family and be a proud owner of this beauty called Samsung Galaxy S7 Egde


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