Arnold’s Fish and Chips Review


One might wonder what is so special about Fish and Chips. Well, how about Fish and Chips in an eating place that is famous for its Chicken? That is what I am going to do in this review. Normally when people think of Arnold’s Fried Chicken, it’s their signature chicken items that comes to one’s mind. This time around, I decided to take a different route. I tried the Fish and Chips at Arnold’s.

Priced at 8.90 SGD, this Fish and Chips at Arnold’s is definitely worth a try. Of-course, it will not be of the top grade like the ones you get at places that is designed for Fish and Chips like The Old Brown Shoe, Smiths, etc. But this Fish and chips at Arnold’s is not that bad either. Infact it exceeded my expectations.

The Fish and Chips consists of 2 decently long pieces of breaded fish fillet deep fried to perfection and served with potato fries and tar tar sauce. As with the chicken at Arnold’s, the oil will be very much visible. The fish pieces were evenly cooked and fried to perfection and tasted really well also. There is no real effort needed to cut the fish pieces. The tar tar sauce that came with it, added that extra bit of taste to the Fish and the combination of it with Fries is a decent enough item to be in your food menu.

I really enjoyed the Fish and Chips at Arnold’s and I can confidently say that Arnold’s Fried Chicken is not only for their Chicken items. The Fish and Chips there is equally good. If you are fish lover, then next time when you visit Arnold’s, you should definitely try their Fish and Chips. Try it with Sjora and I am sure you are gonna like it. Its a good combination to satisfy your taste buds.

I hope Arnold’s can come up with some real variety in their menu and start Home delivery service also. Its still very packed, if we are to eat at the outlet.


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