Breaded Salmon Burger – Impressive


When McDonald’s Singapore announced the Breaded Salmon Burger, I was very much excited, as I was looking for some options in the Fish items in McDonald’s Singapore menu. I have been trying the Filet-O-Fish for long and was quite bored with it. It’s good that McDonald’s have listened to people and came up with this Breaded Salmon Burger. Yesterday I got chance to try the Breaded Salmon Burger and in one word, it’s impressive


McDonald’s have advertised the Breaded Salmon Burger as ” You said it. We made it.” If that is true, then I think they have really listened to their fish loving customers and came out with a pretty decent burger in the Breaded Salmon Burger. Priced at 7.50 SGD for meal, its a decent buy


The Breaded Salmon Burger comes with a patty made from Salmon chunks (they claim it as wild-caught salmon from Hokkaido), with a salad mix and some sauce and cheese, sandwiched between buns with multigrain topping. The appearance itself is quite praise worthy.


The Salmon patty was well cooked and was crisp and tasted well. The combination of the salad items and other ingredients really added to the unique salmon taste and it was really something different. There is no excess items in the Breaded Salmon Burger and everything was just perfect. Unlike the recent Red Hot Zinger burger that I had from KFC, this Breaded Salmon Burger was very nice and smooth and tasted really good. The size of the Salmon patty is almost similar to the Filet-O-Fish one and the burger is just nice.


Kudos to the entire McDonald’s Singapore team in coming up with such an innovative and different burger. Fish lovers are sure to love the unique taste of the Breaded Salmon Burger. I am already a fan of the Breaded Salmon Burger. I Hope this is not a limited edition item and the Breaded Salmon Burger fill find its permanent place in the McDonald’s Singapore menu.


According to me, the Breaded Salmon Burger is a must try for those who love fish and especially for those Salmon fans


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