KFC Red Hot Zinger – Not that Hot


It has been very long since I tried a KFC item, as I was in the search of an alternative to KFC. But, I always liked their burgers all this while. So, when KFC Singapore announced their new Red Hot Zinger burger, I decided to give it a try.


KFC advertised the Red Hot Zinger burger in their website as “Enjoy the Fiery taste of 100% Chicken Fillet, coated in Paprika batter, cooked to crunchy perfection, topped with tomatoes, shredded lettuce and paired with Flaming Hot Sauce”. It comes in 2 versions, Red Hot Zinger and Red Hot Zinger Extreme. I tried the Red Hot Zinger meal.


Red Hot Zinger meal came with medium sized bund, with flour dusted on the top, 2 slices of  tomatoes, some lettuce and a piece of red colored dry chicken. There was also some sort of sauce inside. The drink I opted for was Pepsi. The meal was priced at $5


I was expecting a really spicy and crunchy burger. But, to my utter disappointment, it was really very less spicy and not at all crunchy. I don’t know why they termed it as Red Hot Zinger!!! It is not at all Hot. The chicken was very dry and it will take some effort to eat it on biting. The lettuce and tomatoes didn’t do any help to improve the taste also. The size of the burger also is very small and I couldn’t make out the Paprika batter ( was there something like that really ???)


To me, the Red Hot Zinger burger is a let down. I was really impressed with the picture of the burger that KFC displayed in their product advertisement. But the actual product is having no resemblance to that image. Red Hot Zinger is something you can give a miss and I don’t think it will be making a re-entry again in KFC Singapore menu again.

Sorry KFC Singapore, but Red Hot Zinger burger is big NO to me…


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