Singappooram – Thallu Jeevitham Review

episode 4

Singappooram series have really taken me by surprise and I have really become a fan of it. After watching the first 3 episodes, I was so much impressed that it didn’t take too long for me to watch the 4th episode, Thallu Jeevitham. This episode is much bigger and better than the first 3 and its really impressive

Thallu Jeevitham narrates how people boasts themselves in front of others to make themselves appear so big. But they wont understand the other person is also of their same type and over boasts them. Many times, there are situations in every ones life where we happen to meet our old friends or ” X ” and wanted to create a feeling to them that we are something really big and make them jealous of us. Thallu Jeevitham narrates such an incident in a funny and exciting way.

I will say Thallu Jeevitham is another level, compared to the first 3 episodes. For the first time, a Singappooram episode have gone outdoors for majority of the episode. Apart from the usual characters there is one more addition in the form of MaryKutty, who have done a good job. She was giving good competition to Chichumol in Thallal. Sooraj, Chinchumol, Ikru and Tittu Bhai all have done their roles really well. (Dont know why Tittu Bhai is always cooking… Hope Ikru will get his biriyaani next time…) Even if its only voice over, the Coffee Shop aunty also have done her part well.. The entry of Chinchumol was kidu. It was a “Mass” entry, a Cinema style one.

The Technical parts like Music, BGM, direction and all have improved a lot in this episode. The dialogues were all perfect and the comic timing of all the actors was great. The english subtitles have continued in this one also and its nice. As usual, the Gulumaal song is still kept intact and its back to Sooraj again. The length have increased to nearly 17 mins with Thallu Jeevitham and Sooraj have wore something other than his ” Kaavi Mundu “…

With Thallu Jeevitham, Singappooram episodes have gone to another level and We Are A Sambavam team have upped their standard and level of perfection. This, to me, is the best work so far from We Are A Sambavam team and hats off to their effort and dedication. They have increased their expectation level and we are expecting a much bigger one in the next episode. Looking forward for that..

Link to Episode 4 :- Thallu Jeevitham


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