Neerja Review – An emotional biopic


Neerja is the latest release in Bollywood. Ever since it was announced, I was eagerly waiting for Neerja. Neerja is based on the real life tragic story of Neerja Bhanot, who died while saving the lives of the ill fated Pan Am flight, which was hijacked in Karachi in 1986. The movie have really done justice to the real incident and its sure to make you weep. If you want to describe the movie in short, Neerja is simply outstanding and inspirational movie

As mentioned, Neerja revolves around the hijacking of Pan Am Flight 73 in Karachi, on 5 September 1986, specifically focusing on the flight attendant Neerja Bhanot, who ensured the failure of the hijacking by preventing the plane from getting off the ground. She also saved the lives of 359 hostages in those long hours of incarceration and got herself shot dead by terrorists when trying to save 3 children from bullet attack.

Neerja is definitely the best performance of Sonam Kapoor till date. She have done true justice to the role. Another notable performance is from Shabana Azmi, who played the role of Neerja’s mother. She was just perfect for the role. Yogendra Tiku as Neerja’s father was just perfect. The terrorists were all well suited for their roles and have done well also.

Neerja’s story is definitely worth telling and the film tells it really well, as if the director, story writer and actors were part of that flight. Big kudos to the entire cast and crew behind Neerja. Good that they never over exaggerated the plot and stick the real incidents. I have never seen such a heart touching and true to life depiction of a biopic in Bollywood. The songs could have been avoided. There were not needed at all. But this is Bollywood movie. So…

No words can describe how difficult it will be to sent your happy and dear child away one fine morning and having to receive him or her back in a coffin. It is something that can melt the most toughest hearts. No one will be able to leave the movie hall without weeping after seeing the movie and I was of no exception.

Dont expect a mass movie in Neerja. This is something which is going to make us cry fore sure. Please go watch Neerja without any second thoughts.



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