Singappooram – Theppu Petti Review

episode 3

After watching the first 2 episodes of Singappooram, I was so impressed that I couldn’t resist myself from watching the next episode, Theppu Petti, at the earliest. We Are A Sambavam team have come with something different this time. The first 2 episodes focussed on Family life and day to day happenings in a couple life. Theppu Petti is something different

Theppu Petti episode narrates something that might have happened in every NRI’s life. Many a times, it happens that someone will be coming from Kerala (I believe the same with other parts of India) to our overseas place (Singapore, Dubai, etc..) and vice versa too.. There might not be any immediate relation to the person travelling. Even when the news is coming up, the person will be flocked with people coming with things to be delivered to their relatives. They don’t even consider the persons hardships also. This episode narrates such a situation

This time, in addition to Sooraj and Ann, 2 more characters are there, Ikru mon and Jittu Chettan. As usual Sooraj and Chinchumol (Ann) have put in a good performance. Ikru also is cute and is apt for the role. Jittu Chettan, though short appearance, has performed well. All have enacted their roles well and its nice to watch.

Theppu Petti have English subtitles to it. So people who don’t understand Malayalam can also enjoy. According to me, it’s a good addition. Also this time, the BGM is good and apt for the situations. They have added some funny songs and have maintained their trademark Gulumaal song here also. The length have increased to more than 8 mins, which was just nice

All in all,  Theppu Petti is a good addition to the Singappooram series and We Are A Sambavam team are increasing their level with each episode. Theppu Petti incident is something which has definitely happened in an NRI’s life, either as victim or doer. Nice work. I will definitely watch the 4th episode at the earliest

Link to 3rd Episode : – Theppu Petti


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