4 Fingers – A really different Chicken


4 Fingers has been a name that was lingering through my thoughts for some time. Whenever my colleagues were saying good opinion about 4 Fingers, I was longing to have it one day. So finally the day came, courtesy to my wife, during one of our visits to Jurong East. This review of 4 Fingers has been long pending.


The 4 Fingers outlet Jurong East was busy when we reached and a decent crowd has already formed there. Since this was my first time at 4 Fingers, I was not sure what to order. After going through the menu, finally we decided to order 1 Drumstick and 3 pc wings combo and one Chicken chop meal.


The meal comes with Fries and drinks. The usual combination at 4 Fingers was Khimchi or Seaweed fries. Since my kids don’t like either, we opted for normal fries. The chicken we ordered was of Soy garlic flavour. The other options available were Hot or Mix. Since we were not sure about the spiciness, I order Soy Garlic only.


I had the Chicken chop combo. So I am focusing more on that in this review. First of all, be ready to wait for some time to get your order.


The Chicken Chop I ordered came with Fries and normal drinks. The presentation itself was unique and they have done it in a good way. The chicken piece was of medium size and there was enough fries also. There was a lemon piece also for those who like it that way.


The chicken was nicely and evenly cooked. Though there was some oil coming out of the chicken, it didn’t affect the taste of the overall product. The taste was something unique which was entirely different from the other fried chickens like KFC, Texas, Arnolds etc. Its was something like a chicken piece soaked in some special sauce and fried to the perfect taste


The chicken was moist enough and it was crispy and really yummy. In my opinion, the excess oil infact added to the special taste. The fries was also tasty enough and I really enjoyed the meal.


I was told by my wife that the Drumstick and wings were also tasty enough. My kids really enjoyed the unique taste of 4 Fingers, so much as we liked it.


I would definitely recommend 4 Fingers for anyone who likes Fried chicken and who is looking for a variety in this field. A special thumbs up to all those who are behind this unique idea. Even the tissues and drinks cup were uniquely designed as well.

All in all 4 Fingers is something unique and a different approach to Fried chicken. You will definitely love its uniqueness. My only request to the guys is to do something to the knife that you giving with the Chicken chop. It will take some real effort to cut it. Except for that, 4 Fingers is a must try for all who likes fried chicken… Please add in more locations and increase the delivery locations as well. Then it will be just perfect


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