Singappooram – Malayalam Comedy Series Review

This time around, I am reviewing a Malayalam Comedy Series Titled ” Singappooram “, from ” We are a Sambavam ” team. To quote their words, they are a husband and wife (S.J. Sooraj and Ann), trying to kill their time in an entertaining way, based in Singapore. Singappooram series, which was started in 2015, is featuring many funny incidents from marital lives to start with, which has since expanded to other day to day incidents and more characters. In this first set, I am focusing on the first 2 episodes of the series. 2 more episodes have already been released. I will review them later

Episode 1 :- Serial Contra

Episode 1


This is the first episode of Singappooram Series. Here, they are focusing on an incident in a husband wife life from the past and present. As you all know, Malayali ladies are so much addicted to serials. So this is a funny depiction of that and also how people’s behavior changed in the present age.

Previously, wife used to ask husband whether she can change the channel to watch serial and husband would happily agree or they will both switch off TV and engage in some talks. But now in many places, there is no asking. Just come, change and watch. Doesn’t bother about the other person at all.People’s interests have changed as well and there is no time for talk.

We are a Sambavam team have presented this in a very funny and apt way in this short episode of about 2 mins. The performances of both Sooraj and Ann is really good and its fun to watch.

Link to first Episode : Serial Contra

Episode 2 :- Anna Moda

Episode 2

The second episode focuses on the before and after attitudes of a husband and wife at having food at home.

Earlier, both used to sit together and have food. Wife used to prepare the food and serve to husband. He used to praise her cooking abilities and all. It has gradually changed to making some food items which he used to like, but husband showing “moda”. Now in the present age, its mostly like husband demanding something, but wife prepare what is possible and if you want, just eat

Like the first episode, the idea has been presented in a really funny and engaging manner. The performances of both have become more good with this episode. The length have also increased to about 4 mins

Link to Second Episode : Anna Moda


The first 2 episodes of Singappooram are really good. They have covered different aspects that can happen in a typical Indian married life in a funny and pleasing manner. We can easily relate these incidents in our life or in the life’s of many whom we know. Both the episodes are easy to understand and  have been presented really well.

Both Sooraj and Ann have put in a good performance also. A big kudos to both of them, for coming out with something like this. I am looking forward for more funny and great episodes from them

You can subscribe to their channel at We are a Sambavam

Stay tuned for the next episode’s reviews


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