Paavada Movie Review – A decent family entertainer


Paavada, the latest hit in Malayalam movie industry got released in Singapore over the Chinese New Year weekend. Ever since the movie was announced, Singapore Coliseum have been posting updates of the movie and I was eagerly waiting for this Prithviraj flick. Paavada didn’t disappoint at all and is indeed a superb movie.

Paavada is the life of 2 alcoholics, Paavada Babu and Pambu Joy, played by Anoop Menon and Prithviraj respectively. They happen to meet at a de-addiction center and develop a close association between them. The things that happen afterwords forms the rest of the movie. There is a bit of suspense towards the climax, which is handled well and which is best to watch at theater and enjoy

Performance wise, Prithviraj and Anoop Menon have put in a good performance. Prithviraj have handled his role really well and his comic timing was good and emotional scenes have been enacted well. Anoop Menon have put in his career best performance. The supporting cast of Nedumudi Venu, Miya, Maniyan Pilla Raju and others have also performed really well. The director, G. Marthandan, have made the movie really well and it is indeed a big comeback from him also. All kudos to the entire crew of the movie

All in all, Paavada is a really good watchable comical family movie. Paavada is a pleasing movie and you will surely love this movie very much. Paavada is another super hit for Rajuvettan, who is really having a great time at box-office. I am very sure that you won’t be disappointed after watching this film. Singapore Coliseum guys, keep up the good work…


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