Charlie Review – A simple feel good energetic movie


Charlie, the latest hit in Mollywood, got released in Singapore this week. Ever since Charlie was creating headlines in Kerala, I have been eagerly waiting for this Dulquer Salmaan – Parvathy classic. We watched Charlie amidst a packed audience at Golden Village Yishun.
Charlie is the story of a young girl, who happens to live in a room, gets curious about a book drawn by the previous occupant of the room and goes out in search of him. The different characters and situations that comes in this search forms what Charlie is all about. It is also the story of a free soul who wants happiness to all the people around him. Charlie has been presented in such a way that we are really involved in it and it keeps the viewers entertained throughout.
Dulquer Salmaan as Charlie and Parvathy as Tessa were outstanding. Both have formed a good Chemistry between them and is a real treat to watch. Dulquer is at his best and he has given a powerful career best performance, that we will surely fall in love with Charlie. Parvathy has delivered yet another stunning performance and she is looking really pretty. The supporting cast of Aparna, Nedumudi Venu and others are also really good.
Charlie is nothing new. But real credit goes to the director and the crew, especially Unni R, the script writer and Jomon T John, the cameraman. The visuals are really stunning and that adds magic to the viewing experience of Charlie. So is the music and the background score. The songs are all really melodious. All in all it is a stunning effort from Martin Prakkat and team.
To sum up, Charlie is a Simple and entertaining feel good movie and that gives a breath of fresh air and happiness in the heart and minds of all the audience. A thrilling performance by all with lots of positive energy. You will surely be glued to your seats till the movie is over and we will all clap in appreciation. Dont miss this superb movie. Its not a movie to be forgotten after viewing. The impression that Charlie creates in ones mind is sure to last for a long time…
As always, A special thanks to Singapore Coliseum for bringing this movie to Singapore…


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