Burger King Angry Beef Burger – A test for your taste buds


Last weekend, I tried the Burger King Angry Beef Burger, which is the latest offering from Burger King, Singapore. It comes with medium fries and small Coke. I opted for Sajora over Coke, to accompany my Angry Beef Burger.

This new offering from Burger King Singapore comes with a big piece of classic Flame-Grilled Beef Patty, with special Angry Onions featuring spicy onion strips coated in batter, mayonnaise, tomatoes, lettuce and Thailand’s scorching Sriracha sauce, inside the two freshly toasted sesame seed buns. Angry Beef Burger is really spicy and will not be handled by people who don’t like spicy food. As the name suggests, its really HOT !!!

As the outlet at Woodlands was crowded, I opted for takeaway. As you can see in the picture, the beef patty in the Angry Beef Burger is pretty big enough, that is extending out of the bun also. The onion strips are really tasty and it gives a special dimension to the Angry Beef Burger.

The main differentiating ingredient in my opinion in the Angry Beef Burger is the Sriracha sauce. Its so Hot that I am sure it will test your taste buds. The entire burger was nicely prepared and it tasted good. The combination of fries and Sajora was just perfect to cool off the hotness..

All in all, this limited edition burger is a good addition to the Burger King Singapore’s menu and is a must try, if you are tolerant towards spicy foods. The Angry Beef Burger meal is priced at 8.65 SGD There is chicken version also, which I hope to try some time soon.

Folks, give the Angry Beef Burger a try, before its over. You will surely enjoy it. I hope Burger King Singapore will make this Angry Beef Burger a permanent item in their menu…


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