Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus User Review

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + Cover

Today I got chance to play around with the newest offering from Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +. In one look, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + resembles very much to the S6 Edge released earlier this year, which is one of the most beautiful phones that Samsung has ever made. Design wise, it was even considered on par with iPhones.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is like a larger version of S6 Edge. It comes with a bigger display and a powerful battery than the S6 Edge. But it is more visually stunning than the S6 Edge and is a good example of Samsung’s design capabilities. On the S6 Edge, the curvy edges where not that much of an attraction. But on the bigger S6 Edge Plus, it really stands out and looks very much impressive. The glossy appearance of the Edge screen has gone also.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + Full

The fist look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + itself made me say WOW and I felt like admiring the beauty of the phone for sometime, before setting it up. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + is a visual master piece. I felt like its slimmer than S6 Edge. It took very less time to get fully charged; from 23% to full charge in 45 minutes. The boot time was very less and we reached the home screen in no time

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus home

The one I got hand on is a 64GB version of S6 Edge + and was Platinum Gold in colour. More than 9GB were reserved for system use and we are left with only around 54.39GB of storage, which I feel might be low for some, if they are storing too
much data. They are giving 100GB of Onedrive space free with S6 Edge +.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + Storage

Again, the lack of MicroSD card slot, as with the S6 Edge, will be a real drawback in S6 Edge + also, together with the absence of removable battery. I really don’t understand why they cant add these two also, which will make the S6 Edge + a killer phone. The accessories included were Travel Adapter and headset only.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + Edge Screen Edit

Playing around with S6 Edge +, I felt one upgrade to the edge screen in S6 Edge + is that, it adds in a shortcut menu for quickly opening the apps, in addition to the existing menu for contacting your favorite contacts. This many users might appreciate.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + Camera

The Camera in S6 Edge Plus is same as in S6 Edge. The rear have a 16MP back camera and the front camera is 5MP. The pictures taken are clear and crisp. Low light images also looked decent in S6 Edge Plus. The S6 Edge Plus camera is
perfect for selfie pictures as well, even in low light conditions. The video performance also is pretty solid

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + Home 1

In S6 Edge +, RAM has been increased to 4GB. Battery also have become higher capacity one. The display size have been increased to 5″7. So some people might find it diffiuclt to hold it properly with one hand. The curved screen in S6 Edge + makes the job even more tough. S6 Edge + is lighter than S6 Edge also. The battery life looks to be excellent in S6 Edge +.

S6 Edge Plus Android

The OS in S6 Edge + is Android 5.1.1 and the Samsung User interface have improved a lot. Gone are all those unwanated and buggy apps. S6 Edge Plus included some Microsoft apps by default. I sincerely wished Samsung can add in the S pen
also in S6 Edge +. Then S6 Edge Plus would have been the perfect phone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus 2

I had to return back after setting up the phone. I hope my boss will have a good time with his cool new S6 Edge +

To Summarize:


  • Fast Performance
  • Great Camera
  • Gorgeous look
  • Excelent Battery Life


  • Expensive
  • No Expandable Storage and removable battery
  • Finger prints are easily left behind
  • One hand operation will be difficult

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus off

S6 Edge + is a seriously cool-looking phone currently available in the market. With its impressive specs, excellent camera and battery life, it’s worth a buy. But its high price and lack of expandable storage are the biggest drawbacks. If you are on a tight budget, then S6 Edge + is not the phone for you, as there are many cheaper alternatives available. Otherwise, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is one of the phones you should be upgrading to


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