Phantom Movie Review – Wish it was True


I saw the latest Kabir Khan movie, Phantom. Phantom is a movie whose story is what every common man in India wished to be true. Phantom have decent performances from the lead cast and good narration and nice music, though the plot is always predictable. Phantom is based on the book, Mumbai Avengers by Hussain Zaidi and Kabir Khan have adopted it well

The plot of Phantom is like this. Some officers in RAW wants to avenge for the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. They hatch a plan in which they decide to send Daniyal Khan played by Saif , a tainted soldier, as an agent to accomplish the mission. RAW chief do not get the permission of the home minister for this mission and hence he has to keep everything under the wraps. How Daniyal goes about to accomplish the task of killing the master minds of 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, Sajid Mir, David Coleman Headley, Sabahuddin Umvi and Hariz Saeed, is what that forms the rest of Phantom.

Saif is apt for the role of Phantom. He plays the role to much perfection. Katrina fits in as his good aide. It seems she has become an action movie girl now. Zeeshan as RAW officer was good and the climax scene involving him will make every Indian proud. All the characters have done a decent job

First half of Phantom was good and engaging. The movie drags a bit in the middle and at times have gone off track. But towards the end it comes back with a bang and ends with a really touching note. The climax of Phantom is worth the money.

Phantom is not an epic movie; but its a watchable one. The killings depicted in the movie are far above conviction, but it can be acceptable as a movie story. The Syria scenes have no life in it. Phantom has all the needed elements that can make it a decent success for Saif at Box office.

To sum it up, the last dialogue which Saif says to Hariz Saaed is what an average Indian feels. India needs justice and Phantom is all about how we should have dealt with this attack on our home soil. Watch Phantom. I am not saying it has no flaws. But this is what an average Indian would have wished to be true. Jai Hind…


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