Loham Review – Worth a watch

Loham PosterLoham, the much talked about Onam release of mollywood got released in Singapore this week. We went to watch Loham on Saturday. Since there were many negative comments online about Loham, we went without too much expectations. But according to me, Loham is a a decent movie and is worth a watch, even if you are not a Mohanlal fan (which I am not).

Eventhough all knows the plot of Loham, for a review perspective, I am just narrating it. Loham is about the gold smuggling happening through Karipur Airport. Jayanthi arrives Kozhikode in search of her husband Ramesh, who is missing. She hires a taxi driven by Raju, played by Mohanlal, to go to Kochi. When Jayanthi tries to find out the mystery behind the disappearance of Ramesh, many secrets are opened and she comes to know that Raju is not just a taxi driver. How things unfold and who Raju is and what are his motives, forms the rest of Loham.

I will say Mohanlal is back. He plays the mystery character of Raju to perfection in Loham. The first half have different shades of humour of the old lalettan, whom we all loved. The latter part of his role has lots of heroism, but not to the extent of a larger than life image, and some elements of dark shade associated with it. Another notable mention is Siddhique. He has a really good role to play in Loham and he really made it a memorable and an enjoyable one. So is the actor who played his side kick Babu. Andrea Jeremiah, had nothing much to do. Renji Panicker, Abu Salim and others were all strong in their roles as Lalettan’s gang members. There is a long line of supporting actors who are coming and going, with majority of them getting very few screen presence.

There is action, there is heroism, one-liners and punch dialogues in Loham; but everything is in little little dose. The Interval punch is superb. If I have to put it in filmy terms, its “Marana Mass” or rather “Kola Mass“… Really loved the transformation of Lalettan.

The direction by Ranjith is really good and his craftsmanship is really visible. The music is OK, but it was not really a necessity. Background music is good and so is the camera work. The length of the movie is also appropriate.

If I have to say some drawbacks, I will say there was no need to show the bathroom scene of Andrea and the accident involving Abu Salim, is really very hard to digest. May be Ranjith wanted to add in some Masala element to Loham.

So my point here is that don’t go with a high level of expectation from the movie. Keep it minimum and you will really appreciate Loham. Loham is a festival movie and those who enjoy Malayalam Thriller movies, will really enjoy watching Loham. Loham is worth a watch. You will not be disappointed with Loham as long as you don’t expect another Aaraam Thampuram or Narasimham.

A big thanks to Singapore Coliseum and Next Gen Singapore for bringing Malayalam Movies to Singapore. Keep up the good work guys…


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