All Is Well Movie review

all is well

All Is Well is not that well. All Is Well movie is all about a couple having a dysfunctional marriage, a huge family loan and a don (well…I guess so) chasing them. Can their runaway son calm things down and ensure that All is Well is what forms the story of the movie

The Plot of All Is Well is as follows. Inder grows up seeing his parents clashing and fighting always, so much that he abandons his parents and moves to Thailand to blossom his musical passion and career. There he dates (I assume) Nimmi, but hates the institution of marriage and so is not interested in tying knot with her. Disappointed with Inder, Nimmi leaves for India for her arranged marriage; Inder also goes along to sign on some property papers to repay don Cheema.

On reaching there he discovers some hard family truths, which starts a long family journey (may be to confuse that its a road movie), where we see many characters coming and going and we are taken to many places (Wonder why), where audience will fore-sure are bound to get lost and wonder what is happening and looking for exit door. The climax is pretty good and there is some sort of a message, if we are to take out something positive from the movie.


Performance wise, there is nothing special. I was expecting a good performance from Rishi Kapoor, but it was a let down. Abhishek tries his best in vain. Good to see him as a solo hero after a long time. Asin has nothing much to do. Music is average.

All is well lacks the freshness and the cool element of director Umesh Shukla’s previous film OMG. Except for the final few scenes, its really hard to digest and is testing the patience of viewers through some slapstick comedy numbers and sequences, which are really boring to be frank. In the end. All is not well.. Watch at your own risk


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