Windows 10 – To upgrade or not


Windows 10 is finally here. We have been hearing a lot about Windows 10 coming and was waiting to see how Windows 10 will come out to be. There are many people still waiting in the queue to get the Windows 10 upgrade. But many might be wondering if you should upgrade now or just wait.. For some, it’s free and a great update and so its a done upgrade. For others it’s better to wait. After all once downloaded, you have 1 year time to get the upgrade to Windows 10 done

I will like to share some good and bad things, which might be of interest to those who are looking to know more on Windows 10 and decide.


The good ones

Start Menu. The start menu is back in Windows 10. Even though its not in the same form as it was in Windows 7 and earlier versions, a new and modified form of the start menu is there, which will make many people happy


The new browser Edge. The famous Internet Explorer has been buried and in its place comes, the Edge browser, which is the default browser in Windows 10. Edge is designed for the modern Web

Windows 10 is an exciting upgrade for gamers. Windows 10 comes with DirectX 12, which promises significant performance increase in the games that you play. The ability to stream Xbox One games to your PC, built-in DVR functions for recording gameplay, and a dedicated games store are also some good things for Gamers in Windows 10


Cortana – The virtual Assistant. Following the footsteps of Apple and Google, Microsoft has also added its own virtual assistant in Windows 10. Though its of not much of a use in desktops, it can be of a good value addition for tablets and laptops, especially for those who are on a move always.

Virtual desktops. This is another exciting feature in Windows 10. People can group their personal apps in one desktop and their work related stuff in another. Users can see only one desktop at a time, but can easily switch between the desktops


The bad ones

Privacy concerns. There was been multiple privacy concerns raised by many people after uisng Windows 10. It has been reported that Windows 10 is logging each and everything that you do in the device. Many people have reported that the default settings in Windows 10 are designed in such a way to harvest a lot of personal information, which is very much of a concern

As always, the initial bugs that will be associated with the launch. It is reported that Microsoft released a series of updates on the very next day after the launch of Windows 10.


WiFi Network password is getting shared. Windows 10 shares with the contacts of the user,the information needed to log into a WiFi network. While Windows 10 shares that information in encrypted fashion, this option opens up some possible security hole in the network.

Windows 10 changes the default application, especially the default browser. Users who have been using Chrome or Firefox as their default Web browser earlier may find that Microsoft Edge is their new default browser in Windows 10, which many will not like


Windows 10 offers users some interesting and cool new features. But it also comes with a bunch of new concerns, notably related to privacy. There are options inside to disable all those. Its not hard; but a bit confusing and difficult to find.

So my advice is to wait a while. Let the dust settle and then Upgrade. Anyways, if you are a Windows user, its always good to get upgraded and Windows 10 looks like not a disappointing one


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