Phuket FantaSea

Phuket Fatasea

Phuket FantaSea is a must visit attraction in Phuket. FantaSea is referred to as the Disneyland of South East Asia. Phuket FantaSea is an award-winning, unique night-time Thai Cultural Theme Park in Phuket that features many attractions in one place. Phuket FantaSea is a combination of high tech special effects & traditional Thai culture

Phuket Fatasea

In our recent visit to Phuket, we went to the FantaSea show also. The show is at 9pm. We were picked up from our hotel in their Minivan by around 5.40. By around 6pm, we reached the venue. It’s a festival mood all around.

Phuket Fatasea Pickup Van
Phuket Fatasea Pickup Van

We are greeted by a warm welcome by the different hostess dressed in Traditional Thai Dresses. Our driver asked us to wait at Row 1 after the show is over for return journey.

Queue at Phuket Fatasea

First of all, we have to change our voucher to the ticket by standing in the queue for it. They will verify the voucher code and will issue a ticket for us. We have opted for the Gold Seat Upgrade with Buffet dinner. Cost is 2800 THB per adult and 2600 THB per child, including transportation. We opted for photo taking with baby elephant and tiger, at an additional cost of 1000 THB also

After taking some photos at FantaSea entrance, we proceed to the Carnival Village, which is the starting point of the venue. The people at the entrance will place a sticker from our ticket on our dress, which we have to keep safe till end of show

Phuket Fatasea

Inside the Carnival Village, there are many activities. Children will enjoy the Similian Entertainment centre, where we can engage in many games and get gifts. We have to purchase coupon and present them at the various counters to play the games. If you are lucky, you will get gifts

There were many shops and activities all through the way. The shops at Phuket FantaSea are pretty expensive. But the goods looked to be of high quality, if you want to buy some souvenirs. There was Tiger Jungle Adventure at Phuket FantaSea, which we missed somehow. I guess it was a big miss as kids would have definitely appreciated it.

A walk through the Carnival village is a good experience and we are welcomed with dances and smile all along. Then we reached the main junction of Phuket FantaSea. On one side is the Palace of the Elephants Theater, where the actual show is happening and on the other side is the Golden Kinnare Buffet Restaurant.

Elephant Ride

There is also an area to have Elephant Trekking. Cost is 900 THB. My daughter and me opted for that. It will take around 20 minutes and they will help to take photos also

golden kinare buffet dinner

After that we proceeded to the Buffet Dinner at Golden Kinnare Buffet Restaurant. We had our table pre allocated. Just follow the table number and have the food. It was a grand hall, with lots of variety in food. But the quality of the food is so-so. I didn’t enjoy actually.

After the dinner, we proceeded to the Theater entrance, where a small queue had already formed. At 8.40pm, the gate will open. All type of cameras including hand phones which have camera and video devices are strictly prohibited from taking into the theater. They were quite strict with that and you have to deposit them in the counter and collect it back after the show. It’s pretty well organized, though there will be crowd.

After that it’s a place to take the photographs with the baby tiger and baby elephants, which we have purchased earlier.  It’s a good experience.

Palace of the Elephants Theater
Official Pictures of Phuket Fatasea

Then we waited for the hall entrance to open. By around 8.50, it opened and we proceeded to our allotted seat. The show started at sharp 9pm. The show lasts for around 70 minutes; with lots of song and dance performances through which they are explaining the story of the “Kingdom of Kamala”. There are animals, acrobats, fireworks, magic, laser show and so on..

Fantasy of a Kingdom Show 1
Official Pictures of Phuket Fatasea

We will see lots of elephants, tiger, buffalo, chicken and many more. At point of time, there was nearly 30 elephant on stage at a time, which was fun to see. One elephant even put number 2 on the way. It was surprised to see the chickens running in line on the stage without getting lost.

Fantasy of a Kingdom Show 2
Official Pictures of Phuket Fatasea

The magic show was nothing impressive and felt like adjustment. The trapeze artists were really superb. That was the best part of the show. They swing high up in the sky wearing glow-in-the-dark costumes and were doing the act in a much synchronized manner. It was a treat to the eyes. The fireworks also were a treat to watch. My kids really enjoyed the show and so did we

Fantasy of a Kingdom Show 4
Official Pictures of Phuket Fatasea

After the show, there was a mad rush to the counter to collect the camera back and some even cut the queue, which was very annoying. There was no proper management of that. After getting back the camera, we proceeded to the Row 1, where our minivan was waiting for us to carry us back to the hotel.

Fantasy of a Kingdom Show 3
Official Pictures of Phuket Fatasea

All in all Phuket FantaSea is a good place to visit, though a bit pricey. Definitely FantaSea is a onetime must visit during your visit to Phuket, especially if you have kids with you

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