Premam Review – A Nostalgic Affair

Premam, the latest blockbuster in Malayalam is a movie that takes us  through our nostalgic memories. Premam can be said as entertainment at its maximum and we can’t stop ourselves from clapping once the movie is over. I watched it on Sunday with my wife and really went back to the old times. People from 80s and 90s in Kerala can easily relate Premam to their life

Premam is all about the life of George and the 3 ladies that he comes across in different phases of his life and how his life evolves around that. It’s also about friends and friendship. I am not going to say anything more about the movie. Its best to enjoy it at the movie theater

Premam Poster
The visuals of Premam are a treat to watch. The presence of butterflies and rain adds to the mood of the film. The performances from the actors are all natural and you can easily relate the different events of the movie to some sort or other in your life

Nivin Pauly excels in his role as George and he enacts the different ages with ease. The heroines are all newcomers and they have done really well, especially the ladies who played the roles of Malar and Celine. All the actors are superb. Vinay Fort and Renji Panicker deserves special mention. The characters of Shambu, Koya and Jojo are simply superb. They really made us understand what is the importance of friends in life.

Premam Malare
Music is really sweet and melodious, especially “Malare” song. It’s such a nostalgic song.
The humor element is another plus in Premam. It’s a laugh riot. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing my heart out at the various jokes. It’s all natural and gels well with the scenes. I really had a nice time. We didn’t realize the time as we were fully involved in the movie and didn’t want the movie to finish

Malar still resides as a pain in mind and one will surely fell for her. I am still in Premam hangover. No wonder people are crazy over the movie and its houseful wherever its shown. Premam is certainly more than a one time watch movie. I am really thankful to Singapore Coliseum for bringing Premam to Singapore


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