Minions Review – Fun to watch


Minions are all over… They are cute and funny. Though we don’t understand their language straight, the situations will make us easily understand what they are communicating. It’s really fun to watch their antics and we will surely fall in love with the tiny Minions, especially the cute little Bob. I saw the latest kid’s flick Minions over the weekend.

Minions 1

The movie starts with Minions in search for a master for them. After trying out different master’s unsuccessfully, they land themselves into some sort of depression and are living in isolation. So Kevin together with Stuart and Bob decide to go out in search of their despicable master.  They arrive at a Villain convention at Orlando, where they compete for the right to be henchmen for Scarlet Overkill, the world’s first-ever female super-villain. After winning the competition, she takes them to London, where they have to steal the Queen’s crown and hand it over to Scarlet and then all their wishes will come true

Minions with Scarlet

Will the Minions be able to steal the crown and get their despicable master that they have been looking for is what completes the movie. It’s better to watch it in the big screen.

You will see a wide variety of villains in the film, who are different from one another. Even the Minions are very much different. I noticed that no two Minions looked the same. They will have some difference or other. It was a treat to see all of them together in London. The voice rendering is really apt and good. The movie is rated PG


For me, it’s a vibrant and lively animation movie that brilliantly captures the energy and emotions of the cute little Minions and you will definitely love them and so does your kids. Watch it with your kids and have a fun time with the Minions


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