Kendama – The Latest Craze in Singapore

Kendama 1

Kendama?? Ever wondered what is this? These days if you notice most of the kids and youth in Singapore, you can see them carrying the some sort of toy. A stick sort of thing with a ball attached with a string. This is Kendama, the latest craze among Singapore kids and youth.

Kendama is a traditional Japanese toy.It is speculated that the toy may have been invented independently in multiple places or spread via international commerce. Today, kendama is popular in many parts of the world. Kendama is particularly well loved in Japan, where national tournaments are also held.

Kendama 2
Kendama Anatomy

Kendama is made from a stick with a point at one end, three attached cups, and a ball with a small hole at one end.  The ball is connected to the stick by a piece of string.

Basic Kendama tricks consist of catching the ball in the cups and on the spike. To play with a Kendama, one holds the toy and pulls the ball upward so that it may either be caught in one of the cups or land with the hole on the spike. There are more advanced tricks, which require much practice and patience. Although it may sound simple, there are a nearly unlimited number of specific techniques for using Kendama and kids find it really addictive and fun.

kendama 3

In the past two years, the popularity of the toy has increased so much in Singapore that many schools here hold workshops and performances on the Kendama. There is even a dedicated Facebook pages, Kendama Singapore and Kendama SG. There are many YouTube videos of people performing Kendama tricks, which has helped to increase the popularity of the toy here. You can see different cool tricks, which we can try.

If you notice kids in MRT and other places in Singapore, you can see most of them carry Kendama with them these days. Even my 4 year boy made me buy one and I also started playing and has become a big fan of Kendama

Kendama 4

The Kendama ranges in price from about $7 to more than $100, based on the type of wood it is made of, and its design. It is widely available in most of the toy and stationary shops and also online in Singapore. The toy is a big hit in the Japan, US, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.

Let’s hope that this will one day become recognized worldwide and will become a competitive event as well. Try it and you will definitely become a fan on Kendama


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