Jurassic World Review

Jurassic World

Jurassic World is the sequel to the 1993 released movie Jurassic Park. The new edition has made use of technology and graphics very effectively. But the WOW factor has gone down a lot and the plot of Jurassic World is pretty much predictable. The dinosaurs have become more intelligent and powerful in Jurassic World. I saw it over the weekend.

The Jurassic Park has been taken over by multi billionaire Simon Masrani and he has set up the Jurassic World there, a Dinosaur Theme Park, something like the Disney World. In Jurassic World, you can see dinosaurs up-close, play with them, go on ride in between dinosaurs and all. Brothers Zach and Gray are sent to visit their aunt, Claire, Jurassic World’s operations manager.

jurassic world chris-pratt
To pick up the falling visitor numbers, the management of Jurassic World is coming up with an extremely dangerous hybrid dinosaur in Indominus Rex. The Indominus Rex manages to escape from its isolation area and starts killing for fun and transforms the Jurassic World into a death place. How Clarie and Owen, the Velociraptor trainer at Jurassic World, with the help of his raptors, control the situation and save the people from the monstrous Rex completes the film. There are scenes in which the Rex and raptors communicate in their own language, which is good to watch.

The lead characters of Jurassic World have done justice to their roles, especially Chirs Pratt who plays the role of Owen. But focus is always on Dinosaurs and the human element lacks because of that.

Jurassic World Raptors
Dont expect too much twists and very scary stuff in Jurassic World. Its worth a watch and you wont feel disappointed if you don’t go with too much expectations. Those who have not seen the Jurassic Park in big screen will definitely enjoy Jurassic World.


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