Texas Chicken – Not that Yummy…

Texas Chicken
Texas Chicken Woodlands

In search of an alternative to KFC, I came across Texas Chicken at Woodlands. This particular brand they say was in existence from 1952 onwards… Anyways…

Texas Chicken 1
Texas Chicken Takeaway

There was not much crowd in the outlet. Since I was in a rush, I opted for takeaway and ordered the 3 pcs Chicken Combo. It comes with 3 pcs of fried chicken, 1 honey butter biscuit, 1 mashed potato and 1 coke. I opted for French fries instead of Mashed potato ( did I made a wrong choice ???). The cost is 10.20$

Texas Chicken 2
Texas Chicken 3 pcs Combo

The smell was inviting. The chicken was really crispy outside. The skin tasted much better than KFC. (Watch your Calories…) The chicken pieces were pretty big.

Texas Chicken 3
Texas Chicken

But the meat was very dry at some places and had oil oozing out from some places as well. The taste was not that good and I never got that excitement eating it. I got bored after some eating a bit. I hope the spicy version would be different.

Texas Chicken 4
Texas Chicken Oily

The honey butter bread was a welcome change. The dough was very rich and buttery in taste and it was sweet also. It is definitely a plus and a must try.

Texas Chicken Biscuit
Texas Chicken Honey Butter Bread

The fries also were not up to the mark. It wasn’t oily, but didn’t hold its crunch. After sometime, it became tasteless and had a plastic like feeling, like the big brothers.

Texas Chicken Fries
Texas Chicken French Fries

They have burgers and wraps as well, which I couldn’t try this time. May be some time later, if I happen to visit Texas Fried Chicken again. The price is decent enough and I feel they should come out with more promotions to attract people. Visit their official website for details on the menu at http://www.texaschicken.com.sg/

Overall, this was not a good experience for me and Texas Chicken let me down, except for the biscuit, which is a real must try. So my search for KFC alternative goes on…


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