Arnold’s Fried Chicken – Yummy Chicken

Arnolds Fried Chicken_4

Arnolds Fried Chicken; when my colleagues said about this, I was wondering what the hype is all about. So I decided to give it a try. I was an avid KFC lover and was eating a lot of them. But I had stopped eating KFC for long now and even if I need to go to KFC, I eat only the fish variety. For some reason, I don’t appreciate KFC taste anymore

So when they said about this Arnolds Fried Chicken, I was like well another one. But since they were all saying you should try, I went to the Yishun 10 Outlet, which is near to me to give it a try. It is located in the same complex where GV Yishun is. To my surprise, the queue was hell long. I realized that I had to wait for atleast an hour to get inside to have a try at the food. I was really amazed and surprised. Since I was in a rush, I didn’t try it then.


Later I realized that there is an option to order online and specify your time and then you can do a self-collect from the outlet. ( So I opted that option this time and ordered for a 2 person Combo Meal, which includes 5 pieces of crispy fried chicken served with 1 potato fries, 1 coleslaw, 2 buns and 2 regular soft drinks at 23.70$

This time, nothing can stop me from eating Arnolds Fried Chicken, after they called me back and confirmed my order. I reached the outlet on time and as usual there was the long queue. I felt like king, when I realized that I am not required to wait and I will be getting my order soon. The flipside is I cannot sit there and have it in outlet itself.

The payment have to be made at the outlet in cash and I got my order and soon. It was ready at the specified time itself. Luckily I got taxi also soon and I reached home in 10 minutes. The smell was really great and I had a tough time sitting inside the taxi with it. Wonder how the taxi driver felt. Sorry yaar and hope you didn’t mind

Arnolds Fried Chicken_1

The chicken was still hot by the time I reached home and I unpacked the stuff. My first impression was WOW. The smell was really inviting. The chicken pieces were really big ones and looked great.  It was crisp on the outside and the mix spices and herbs used by them made the skin look so addictive. Forget your cholesterols and diets for some time. The meat inside was mouth-watering and well marinated. It was not dry at all and was having a great taste. One bite itself, I fell in full love with the chicken. The chicken is fresh and we won’t get bored or tired eating it. It had all the ingredients and taste to land it in my favourite chart. It’s awesome and I can say without doubt, you will definitely love it.

Arnolds Fried Chicken_6

The fries were pretty decent as well. It was crisp, wasn’t too oily and held its crunch. Even after some time, it was eatable and had not become plastic like the other ones. The coleslaw also tasted great and it combined well with the chicken. The bun they gave also added to the experience and it was tasty and prepared well. You will love the combination of chicken together with the coleslaw and bun. It’s an awesome experience


Now I understood why my colleagues were head over heels with Arnolds Fried Chicken. Overall, this is one rare instance where a something really lived up to its hype and hopefully this will stay the same many more years. To summarize, this is old-school fashioned fried chicken done brilliantly; reasonably priced and excellent food. A must have for those in Singapore, even though it’s a long wait, if you go to eat at the outlet. Hopefully they will open a few more outlets and increase the seating capacity in existing ones. Bye Bye KFC….



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