Laila O Laila Movie Review

Laila O Laila Review
Laila O Laila

Laila O Laila, the latest movie from Mohanlal was released here. Today went to see the movie. As there were many negative reviews online, I went with an open mind to see the movie. The introductory BGM was superb and it set the tone for the movie and gave a feeling that keeps the audience impressed

But it’s not the case. Coming to the movie, we can say in one sentence, its Old wine in a modified form. There is nothing special and innovative about the movie. We have seen numerous times the same story in different movies. Here its depicted in a different way. That’s all

To say about the movie, the story takes place in Bangalore. Mohanlal is Jaimohan, an undercover agent working for NIA. He can’t reveal his identity or job to anybody, because of his job nature. He is a divorcee. Jai later becomes close to Anjali, the character played by Amala Paul and marries her against the wishes of her father Dr.Menon, played by Joy Mathew. Sathyaraj enacts the role of Mohanlal’s boss in a cute manner.

Jai’s secretive ways bring suspicion in the minds of his wife and disharmony starts in their married life. He goes after a plot of some terrorist group to create some problem in the city. He needs to act in close connection with some female character, which creates doubt in the mind of his wife, which results in her leaving him. Jai later manages to convince Anjali about his job, which I feel is not allowed in a secret agent life. But being a movie, it’s allowed.  She becomes convinced and supports Jai, to complete the mission. He joins him in the mission and later how they crack the terrorist groups’ motive and helps the nation from their plot is what completes the movie

In one sentence, it’s a Bollywood movie, drafted into a Mollywood style of movie. We should give credit to the makers for this. Action is well conceived and there is one car chase scene, which is really shot well. Script is nothing special. We expected something special from the hit maker, Suresh Nair. But it’s not the case. He falls short to deliver. There is nothing special and there is no suspense or twist, that will keep the audience glued to their seats. We have seen too many movies in this genre and the combination of thrills and romance shown has not worked to keep the general audience impressed.

Mohanlal looks cool in his role as secret agent and carries the movie on his shoulders. The action scenes are enacted well and he brings justice to the secret agent job. Amala Paul has also done a good and mature role and her combination scenes with Mohanlal are really admirable. The romance and chemistry is well enacted and it’s a feel good feeling.  Sathyaraj has got nothing special to do. But he has looked cool and has played justice to his role. The villains also have nothing much to do. There is no power and no suspense. They are there for the sake of negative characters. So they just go with the flow and is predictable in nature.

The graphics is really poor. In this age of technology, people expect something better and innovative. But it’s not the case. It’s really on the back foot. The so called technology depictions are really boring, to be frank. The scene that plays the song from Run Baby Run and where Mohanlal teaches how to do ramp walk, was really cool and stands out well. The songs are average. BGM is good. Camera work also is good.

Laila O Laila is definitely a one time watch. Don’t expect something special in it. Its an old wine, shown in a refreshing manner, with lots of Bollywood inspired style, which is commendable. Watch it for Lalettan’s romance and some good action. That’s all. I don’t know how to classify it. It’s a cross between a thriller and a romantic movie. But it doesn’t fall in either of these categories as well.

To summarize, Laila O Laila falls short of being a complete washout; but fails to impress much also. Watch it for Lalettan and Amala Paul combination scenes. They create the same magic as their previous movie. There is nothing special in the story or narration. The makers should think again on this type of movie narration and bring something innovative. Watch it at your own risk

On a funnier side, I learnt that its not good to hide the nature of your job from your wife, which can create problems in your married life…


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