Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge User Review


Yesterday, I got a chance to play around with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the cool new offering from Samsung. It’s a slim beauty with lot of power put inside, a welcome relief from the Plastic predecessors.

20150518_104154_HDR        20150518_125615

The one I got is a Golden colour one. It’s an absolute beauty to hold in your hands. It’s very slim and light weight that people will find it very easy to carry around. Its slimmer than S5 and gives a more luxurious and distinctive phone feeling. The build quality is really awesome.


The main differentiating feature from S6 is the curved design. It’s actually something of a show only. There is no real need for the edge screen actually. The main use is to use your frequently used 5 contacts. On the flipside, I found it a bit inconvenient also and there is some sort of glare coming out when we actually use the phone. So apart from the uniqueness of the design, at first glance I didn’t find anything to boast of about the curve feature

The one I used had 32GB storage, of which more than 6GB were reserved for system use and we are left with only around 26GB of storage, which I feel is a bit less at this point of time. The lack of MicroSD card slot will really hurt in this regard. Agree, they are giving 100GB OneDrive storage with this, but the ability to have an External storage would have been an added advantage.


Another drawback I feel is the lack of removable battery. If the phone hangs (thankfully nothing happened during my use), I wonder how we will do a hard reset. I hope there will be some hot keys for this.

The phone is incredibly fast. The 3GB RAM and the Octa Core processor is really helping in this. The charging also is really fast. From full discharge to 100% charging, it took only around 1.5 hours for me.


Another great feature is the camera. The 16MP back camera as well as the 5MP front camera is really awesome. The pictures are clear and crisp. Low light images also looked decent. It’s perfect for selfie pictures as well, even in low light conditions. The video performance also is pretty solid


The phone display is really good and the colours are also very crisp and clear. Apart from the minor inconvenience that we have when reading on the curve part, it’s very good.  It’s very sharp. The speaker is nothing special, but does the job.


The Android version was 5.0.2 and the TouchWiz on the Galaxy S6 Edge is made simpler than ever before. That annoying feeling that we had with previous versions is not there and it’s good to use this time. Hope Samsung will follow this in future models also

Battery life is average. With light usage, it can last for full 2 days. But if you are playing 3D games and other resource intense stuff, then it will run out of juice very fast. I didn’t experience any annoying hotness from the phone though.  The call quality was also good

Unfortunately, I had to return the phone to my boss after the initial setting up done for him. Hope he will have a great time with this cool phone.


To Summarize:


  • Terrific design
  • Great Camera
  • Superb Build Quality
  • Superb Screen


  • Expensive
  • No Expandable Storage and removable battery
  • Might be tricky to hold

If you want a great looking phone, with money not a problem and having pretty decent performance and an awesome camera, then Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge should be the one you should go for. It is one of the best phones available right now.

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