SG50 – Swensen’s BBQ Chicken


I was carving for some good western food and thought about giving a try of the Swensen’s BBQ Chicken, which is their SG50 dish for the month of May. Its advertised as “Marinated overnight with our special in house pineapple BBQ sauce, the tender boneless chicken is then grilled and lightly charred, allowing the sauce to be deeply infused in to the meat for that extra intense flavor! Served with buttered potatoes and sauteed Vegetable” I was expecting it to be a blockbuster of a dish. The YouTube ad was also really good. The description is really mouth watery to give it a try

I checked in to the Causeway Point outlet on Wednesday evening, with my wife. There was a decent crowd queuing up in the outlet. After sometime we got our seat and immediately I ordered this BBQ Chicken. My wife ordered Grilled Fish Sambal.

After sometime, the dish came. The presentation was awesome and it was nice to see. I was so excited to start my attack. I started with a small portion of the chicken, mixed well in the sauce and had it. My first impression was “what the heck”.. It was not hot at all and the dish had an under cooked feeling also. I was terribly disappointed. Then I tried the potatoes and the vegetables. It really exceeded my expectations and was tasty. The sauce also was good. But the chicken was a let down. I am not sure if it is a one off case, but definitely based on what we got there, the dish was not up to the mark and with a price tag of $ 14.90, there are much better choices available

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the dish that we got to share. So this is my thoughts on the SG50 – Swensen’s BBQ Chicken. You can give a try to see if it is suiting your style; but definitely not mine.



2 thoughts on “SG50 – Swensen’s BBQ Chicken

  1. Thomman, Nice entry posts. Wish you stay put and keep posting more. Your first two posts clearly differentiates, how having high expectations often lets one down. No expectations from OK Kanmani left you pleasently surprised and huge buildup (yummy pic too) of the BBQ chicken let you down big time. Always good to revisit this lesson time and again in life. Looking forward for more thrilling posts.


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