OK Kanmani Review


Last week went to watch the romantic movie O Kadhal Kanmani (Ok Kanmani). I am not into Tamil movies that much. But having heard good opinions about the movie, went to watch it with my wife last weekend. I had not much expectations and was ready for a sleep.

To my suprise, the title presentation itself was catchy. I was surprised how come a so called romantic movie having a presentation in such a way that it was a feeling of an action movie. Anyways the movie started and from the first shot onwards, it was a kind of refreshing feeling. The camera frames were excellent and we get a feel good movie feeling

The movie is about Aadi (Dulquer Salmaan) and Tara ( Nithya Menen ), representatives of the so called new generation. How their casual meeting turned into friendship and finally into love. They meet each other and become friends so fast, that its hard to digest for older people. After a few meet ups, they decided to have a live in relationship with no strings attached, as they share common ideas. Both were against the relation of marriage and wanted to lead a life of their own.

They were living in the house of Ganapathy (Prakash Raj) and Bhavani (Leela Samson), an old couple of which Bhavani is having Alzheimer’s. The way in which they love each other, made changes in both Aadi and Tara about their belief about marriage.

The film is all about how they fall in love without knowing and how each others absence creates a missing feeling in their lives and finally they decide to tie up in marriage. The climax scene in which they set out to find the missing Bhavani, brings out the true love in them and finally everything ends well

Its a really feel good movie and all played tehir role well. Nithya Menen was really adorable and Dulqar was at his usual happy go lucky charam and we will fall in love with their Chemistry. Praksh Raj and Leela Samson, played their role exceptioanlly well also. Music by A.R Rahman is catchy as always and the Camera by P. C. Sreeram is simply superb. Mani Ratnam again proved that he is a master director even in these so called new generation era…

All in all its a must watch movie and its DOUBLE OK from me… Watch it in theatres guys and enjoy….


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